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Worldskills is the global hub for skills excellence and development. It brings youth, industries, and educators together to give youth the chance to compete, experience, and learn how to become the best in their skill of choice.


It inspire young people to develop a passion for skills and pursuing excellence, through competitions and promotions.


It influence industry, government, and educators through cooperation and research — building a global platform of skills for all.


It develop skills through global training standards, benchmarking systems, and enhancing industry engagement.


It raise the profile and recognition of skilled people, and show how important skills are in achieving economic growth.

WorldSkills Competition

WorldSkills Competitionsare the elite class competitions for skills expertise. WorldSkills competitions are organized once every two years in one out of the 81 member countries. These competitions takes place for 56+ skills and the participants are under the age of 21. Countries conduct various skill competitions to finalise the one who will represent the country on international stage. More than 1300 candidates from 81 member’s countries compete to grab the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.

Every candidate in the WorldSkills Competition is a winner of the national level competitions held in their respective countries. WorldSkills inspire young Competitors to reach new heightsand showcase how skills can be a part of country’s economic growth. Upcoming worldSkills will be organized in Shanghai, France September 16th, 2021 to September 29th, 2021.

Why Participate in WorldSkills?

  • Chance to represent India at the World’s Largest Skill competition – WorldSkills
  • Showcase your skills at National and International level.
  • Never ending career opportunities
  • International Exposure
  • Get trained from World’s best trainers
  • Be a Leader in your Skill
  • Fulfill your dreams by winning a medal for the country.

IndiaSkills Competition

IndiaSkills Competition is the biggest skill competition held in India. It is a biennial compition. In IndiaSkills extraordinary talent is exhibited from across the country with the support of State Governments and Industry. IndiaSkills competitions were launched by Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) & National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC. In the year 2018, candidates competed for 46 skills, 8 traditional skills and 4 demo skills, from 27 States and Union Territories in India.

There were 400+ competitors for each skill. India Skills competitions starts at regional level and the winners of reginal levels compete for their seat of state level. State champions in turn compete for India Skills on national level. National level winners become the torchbearer for the country making India proud in various international competitions and the most prestigious one is WorldSkills Competition.

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